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How Would You Like To Own 12,000 Shed Plans and Woodworking Projects?

People usually notice as they develop a family that their home begins running out of space. Sentimental items, toys, various home improvement odds and ends, and random stuff seems to slowly accumulate in their home until one day, they look around and everything’s a mess. They obviously need storage space, but where will they turn to? Many people favor building their own custom storage building or tool shed, but they don’t have any tool shed plans. Continue reading

How The Ancient Art Of Glass Blowing Works

With a few simple tools and an extraordinary skill, glass blowers are able to turn malleable, soft glass into gorgeous creations of artwork. The skill of glass blowing can be learned by almost anyone these days, so in order to start a hobby this could be the perfect way to harness your creativity. Continue reading

Up To Date Display Racks

There is a very diverse assortment of up to date display racks on the market today. Counter and floor spinners that encourage customer browsing are very effective selling tools and those with the versatility to accommodate a number of different items are a good investment. Wire pockets that attach to pegboards are a good solution for those stores with limited floor and counter space. Continue reading

Here’s a Quick Way to Restore Worn Out Leather Items Using Leather Cream

Leather items don’t come cheap.  In fact, they can be downright costly but it is all worth it because these items are usually so tough that they can last a lifetime.  In time, however, they lose their luster and that kick of attractiveness that we all love about leather.  If you have a favorite pair … Continue reading

Little Known Reasons to have a Craft Station

A craft station is a great place to store craft supplies as well as work on it as it has a flat surface perfect for working on projects.  From scrap booking, stamping, beading, card-making and more, a craft station is the best way to let your creative juices flow. Everything is within reach when you … Continue reading

What Every Artist Should Know about the Different Types of Craft Labels

Using labels can make mailing things much easier. This process can help you leave the returning address quickly and save you some time addressing all of the envelopes. If you have a lot of things to send, you can print them off and make an assembly line peeling them and sticking them on the items … Continue reading

craft show display

There are many cases in the craft show business where you are going to have to alter your strategy for selling your crafts. Here are 4 things you can do in order to keep your product selling, even when everyone else seems a little slow.The best craft show salespeople are constantly eying up ways they … Continue reading