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There are many cases in the craft show business where you are going to have to alter your strategy for selling your crafts. Here are 4 things you can do in order to keep your product selling, even when everyone else seems a little slow.The best craft show salespeople are constantly eying up ways they can increase the number of products they move through their craft show booth. They come up with a variety of marketing plans (some that work, others that don’t), but each time they try to innovative in their approach.

Combine items – If you have a slower selling item that just isn’t giving you the return you want on your investment, then try pairing it up with a better selling item. This achieves two things: it gets rid of stock that is taking up room and isn’t selling; and second, it provides more value to the customers purchasing the hot selling item. You might even be able to sell the item-in-demand for more money.

Holiday sales – We celebrate so many different holidays, and each one of them means something to somebody. This is a prime opportunity to capitalize on a “George Washington Day” sale, or a “Flag Day” sale, or whatever the holiday is. Of course, the biggest ones will be your Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter (maybe even Mother’s and Father’s Day) sales – but the bottom line is – if you offer people a deal related to a holiday, you might be able to boost your overall craft sales.

Buy one, get one at 50% off – This is a classic sales approach, especially if you want to sell your product for a little more than you normally would. This might be a good way to experiment with the price. Sell one product for $20 and the next one is only $10, but you have easily covered the cost of both and made a great profit!

Creative sales – Anything from a ‘first-time-buyer’ sale to a sale for seniors might be another great way to generate added sales in your craft show booth. Tailoring sales programs to the crowd that is going to attend the craft show is an ingenious method for boosting sales at a craft show.With some imagination you can come up with a few great display ideas of your own to generate sales in your own booth. Don’t be afraid to try something a little bit different – you have nothing to lose when you are trying to move craft show products!

One of the major items that you should focus your attention to is the craft show table. Remember that is where your products will be displayed and will serve as the stage for your show. Here are some tips that you can share and take note of to improve your exhibit and help in generating more sales for your craft.First impressions last so many people would equate the quality of your work with the quality that they are seeing on your craft show table. People would think that your products are of low quality if the first thing that they see is a dirty, shaky table with scratches and all.

An organized system with a good check sheet is essential. Keep the check list on your computer and update and print it whenever you need it. If an item is forgotten, it may result in a poor display and a loss of income. Load your vehicle a day in advance so you have extra time to think of last minute items. Pack as compactly as possible, and arrive early so you can unload before the vendor parking area is congested. Use a dolly or cart to move your load quickly in and out of an event.

A craft show is one great opportunity for any crafts maker to showcase the products borne out of one’s creativity and hard work. The way you present your art will definitely affect the number of people that will visit your exhibit and pay attention to what you are selling.Remember, the key in making sure that your craft is show properly is to make the display as clean and orderly as possible.