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Little Known Reasons to have a Craft Station

A craft station is a great place to store craft supplies as well as work on it as it has a flat surface perfect for working on projects.  From scrap booking, stamping, beading, card-making and more, a craft station is the best way to let your creative juices flow. Everything is within reach when you need it, yet easily hidden away when you’re done.

If you are the parent of school age children, enlist their help in making artistic greetings that you can send out during the year. A great approach is to set up a craft station on a table in your home. Materials like crayons, paints, sparkles and glue should be made available. Let them draw color and paint their own little works of art and then trim them to fit on card stock. This is a much loved one one-of-a-kind persona; creations that majority of the recipients will appreciate and treasure long after the special occasion has passed.

I found some “Simple Christmas Crafts” for my then 5 year old daughter. I turned my breakfast table into a craft station, I would help her make a couple of the Christmas Craft of the day to get her started, then get her to make 20-30. We just did very simple Christmas crafts that a 5-year-old could do easily.  We made Christmas tree ornaments that were actually little Christmas trees made with 1 jumbo popsicle stick, 5 or 6 small ones, some sequins, glue, glitter, and pipe cleaners.

Too Cool! We also made poinsettia ornaments just using clothes-pins, a coffee-filter, a sparkly pipe-cleaner, some glue, and some red water-color paint. As a reward, a few days before Christmas, I got them a small tree that they could decorate with their home-made ornaments, the ones left over after they gave most of them away as gifts, that is. We had a BLAST and I got some work done.

Get plain shoe boxes or basic thick cardboard boxes. Set up a craft station for kids to make their own treasure chest to store all their goodies in. Provide a wide assortment of crafts decorations, from traditional rhinestones and feathers to pasta shells and gold nuts and bolts. This will let kids express their personal style in creating a fun treasure chest that’s just for them.

Build a simple castle out of cardboard boxes and let the kids decorate it. Supply them with scissors, feathers, glue, rhinestones, markers, paint, construction paper, straws and fabric (for flags) and other craft supplies. They can work together to create a magnificent castle. After it’s complete take a photo of all the kids standing around their castle. As an alternative for older kids, you can give them the empty cardboard boxes and let them build the castle from the ground up.

A craft station is a nice place to do artworks. Children finds themselves excited while drawing, painting or even creating little things from paper. Let your creative juices flow and get yourself a craft station.

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