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Shellac vs. Gelish

There are really only two hybrid nail polishes that can compete: Harmony Gelish and CNG Shellac. Let’d discover how they stack up against each other. Continue reading

Now You Can Have the Most Comfortable Shampoo Bowls in Your Salon

Are you planning on getting into business and opening your own salon?  That is a very exciting time and one that would cost you too.  That is the reason why things must be done right the first time around.  Otherwise, all the revisions will cost you extra.  In a salon, one of the most important … Continue reading

Have a Salon You can Be Proud of with the Perfect Shampoo Bowl

Every salon needs a shampoo bowl.  It must be one of the most used investments of a salon owner.  Before a client gets a haircut, he or she has her hair washed.  Before she has her hair colored or treated, she has to wash her hair too.  If a woman simply wants her hair to … Continue reading

Increase Customer Satisfaction in Your Salon with the Right Shampoo Sinks

Every salon needs shampoo sinks.  In fact, it is one of the investments of the owner that is most often used.  Think about it, you always have your hair washed before having it trimmed.  Naturally, it is needed if a client wants her hair colored or treated.  Whatever it is that a client wants done … Continue reading

Understanding The Risks Of Excessive Hot Tub Temperatures

After a hard day of work, its always nice to soak in a hot tub to eliminate stress and relax your tired, aching body. But before you dip into the hot water, check it first. Make sure your hot tub is set at the right temperature. The wrong temperature can be hazardous. Continue reading

Why Spa Treatments A Growing Trend For Men

In the past, spa centers were full of women who would be enjoying a full range of spa treatments. Today, however, there is more of a mix between men and women who are using some of the treatments. Spa Treatments a growing trend for men is becoming something big with guys around the globe. With so many great Spa Oshawa locations around, men are now more than ever, wanting to enjoy some of the relaxing spa features as well. Continue reading

A Comparison Between Conventional And Infrared Saunas

Are you contemplating purchasing a sauna for your home? Since there are many companies selling home saunas, your choices are nearly endless. You could rely on the opinion of a friend or co-worker for your decision but with the diverse and ever changing technology within the marketplace, how do you know if you are arriving at the right selection? Continue reading

I Have Treated Depression For Many You Can Cure Depression

Depression is a terrible mind-set which impacts your whole body. It badly impacts the manner in which you eat, sleep and even think about yourself. If not taken care of properly, the signs may stay for longer period of time. However, with proper therapy you possibly can do away with despair and lead a proactive position within the society. Following are certain tricks to eliminate melancholy forever. Continue reading

Spa: The Best Place To Release Your Stress

The daily demands of life, the lifestyle each one takes, life’s uncertainties, financial strife, hormonal instability, all these and more wreak emotional and physical strain to people. Continue reading

How To Know The Best Facial Treatment For Your Skin

Whether you’re in a high-end facial salon or an economical one, the primary question is still there: with the large array of facial treatments offered by salons, which is the right one for you? Continue reading