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What Every Artist Should Know about the Different Types of Craft Labels

Using labels can make mailing things much easier. This process can help you leave the returning address quickly and save you some time addressing all of the envelopes. If you have a lot of things to send, you can print them off and make an assembly line peeling them and sticking them on the items you are mailing. They can really make your life easier. We are all so busy with life. Most people will welcome the opportunity to make mailing a package a little smoother.

Labels come in different sizes and shapes. Larger sizes can be used for parcels. They come in great colors and some with matching stationary. You can coordinate your letter writing and bask in the appreciation of your recipient’s delight in receiving the mailing. You can also add fun art to them or even a picture of yourself. Another great use is when you move to a new residence. Use them to notify everyone that you have moved to a new address. They are eye catching and you can attach them to a bill or letter with a picture of a home and the caption “we have moved.” Holiday scenes can also be added and you can coordinate them with your letter or card you mail. Narrow Craft Labels – 12mm high and length depending on message, max 30 letters, spaces and punctuation per line. This white woven label is bound to impress purchasers of your products, and of course remind them where they got it from! Labels can also be used to create notes or to add to books when children go to school.

When children are school aged, they come home with a laundry list of items that are needed for the first day of school. You can mark their names and address in their books, notebooks, pencils and any other school supply. They can also be used to mark names and addresses in clothing. Your children will be happier because they will be able to keep up with their items. If an item gets lost in school, it can come back immediately to them because it has their name on it.

Fabric labels are really a big hit right now. A lot of people have decided to sew some of their own clothes and household textiles. Some do this because they feel it is more environmentally friendly. Others simply like sewing and crafts. Yet another group of people sew for profit. They make clothes or other goods for babies, children and adults and then sell them in their resale shop or online store. Any number of these people might need a personalized or premade label to use on their product. There are other considerations in fabric labels beyond the design. You should also think about the material that you want the tag made from and how you would like to attach it to your product. Iron-on tags are commonly made with a cotton and polyester blend. These are applied to your product and adhered with an iron.

Sew on tags can be stitched on by hand or with your machine. These are made from a cotton and poly blend (similar to the iron on), woven cotton or a combination of the two types. Then, for those who do not want a sewn in label, there is the hang-tag. These are typically made from a printed card stock although some companies now offer recycled paper or even a heavy woven material. Wedding favors are given by the bride and groom to their guests on their wedding day as a token of thanks for joining them on such a special occasion.  The simplest thank you tag is a simple shaped piece of card on which is printed or handwritten your thank you message and possible your names and wedding date. This can then be tied to your favors with ribbon. You can find blank tag shaped cards in craft stores or create your own by downloading a template and cutting them out from your preferred choice of card. Labels are really versions of sticker and tags combined. You may have a choice of shapes and attachment options too.  Stickers are a more modern version of thank you tags and add a neat finish to your favor packaging. Large favor stores will offer you a choice of readymade designs for you to customize and personalize or you can design your own from scratch. You can also design and print your own on your home computer by purchasing sheets of blank adhesive labels from a stationers or craft store.

Stickers also offer a nice way of sealing your favor packaging.

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