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Top Reasons Why your Car Dies Prematurely

Just like people, cars also have life expectancies. However, the number of years your car will be up and running will depend on how you handle and take care of your vehicle. If you take a good look at our current economy you will see that the odds aren’t in our favor. Cars are getting … Continue reading

How to Gear Your Car for that Long Drive

Road trips and long drives can be exhilarating and fun but with one careless move your supposedly adventure-packed weekend could turn into a massive bundle of devastation and not to mention a real cash burner. Before you pack your knapsacks and fill your trunk with you camping essentials make sure that your car is geared … Continue reading

Having Trouble Checking your Pump Fuel? Here’s how.

A fuel pump is often regarded as an integral component in any car but not in every internal combustion engine device.  There are certain engine-powered vehicles such as old motorcycles that do not have the need for fuel pump but instead rely on gravity to get fuel from the fuel tank. This process is done … Continue reading

Helpful Guidelines in Buying Used Car Parts

Every car owner knows the feel and the sound his car makes.  Even the slightest inaudible screech can reverberate as a loud and deafening shriek from someone who is utterly familiar with his car. But in today’s hard-hitting economic state car owners are tempted to deliberately pay no mind to strange noises because they know … Continue reading

Money-Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know About

First thing’s first, just because you’re already cleared off debt from your car dealer doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Veteran drivers know that when cars break down, repairs can get insanely costly. If you happen to have a family member who is a mechanic then lucky for you but if your connections are scarce … Continue reading

Rise of Electric Cars: How They Work

? You have probably heard about electric cars in the news or read about them on the Internet. The public has continuously albeit slowly shown interest in these modern cars. For one, electric cars generate less air contaminants than gasoline-based cars, making them environment-friendly. Hybrid cars are also considered as electric cars. If you see … Continue reading

Perfect Vehicle Candidates for WVO Conversion

With the popularity in alternative fuel such as waste vegetable oil conversion (WVO conversion), a lot of people wonder what vehicles will be suitable if they decide to convert. While there are diesel-powered vehicles in the U.S. and Canada, not all of these vehicles are suitable for conversion. The goal of this article is to … Continue reading

Low Cost Performance Auto Parts for A Happy Wallet

? In an ideal world, modifying your car would be entirely free. But we are not in a dream world where simple modifications take a lot of money. A lot of car owners constantly search for inexpensive ways in order to modify their vehicle and look for the best deal. There are actually plenty of … Continue reading

Car Towing: What You Need to Know

? Driving a car that is in tow is very different from casual driving. If you’ve driven a vehicle towing another vehicle, driving might go easy but if not, then might just have to adjust. If it’s your first, reading a couple of materials about car towing will help you big time. Of course, preparation … Continue reading

How to Change Your Old Brake Pads

? Todd Arena/iStockphoto When deciding to buy a new car, loads of consumers settle with crumple zones, airbags, and a few other features as their primary concern. However many underestimate the car brakes which is one of the significant safety units in a vehicle. Most cutting edge cars contain disc brakes on four wheels. However, … Continue reading