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Hands on: 6 Ways to Protect Your Engine

Most of the time, car owners do not really spend time thinking about the engine. The only time when auto owners notice the engine is when it starts making sound. This is why a car’s engine should be looked after regularly. Engines need regular check up and maintenance to ensure optimum driving condition. To be … Continue reading

Grease Cars – Say What?

Grease cars run almost solely on vegetable oil, waste that is. Waste vegetable oil may include stuff that fast food chains dump in large amounts. Grease-powered cars are great tools for pollution reduction as they have pretty much the same mileage as diesel-run cars. Waste vegetable oil is a great environment-friendly innovation because it does … Continue reading

Get More Money for Your Car Sale in 6 Ways

Buying a new car – totally fun! But are you really going to ditch your old car just like that? Why not make money out of it? Get more cash out of your used car in these 6 ways. Spiff Your Ride ? Showcase your car to make it more attractive to prospective buyers. Selling … Continue reading

Get Awesome Car Deals in 5 Ways

One of the most expensive buys an average-earning person can get is a car, next to buying a house. But instead of a house, you want a car. But you might just spend several years paying it off. Unless you are in the same shoes as Paris Hilton or Warren Buffett, you really need to … Continue reading

For Your Information: Car Door Locks

1955 Mercedes-Benz Gullwing Coupe Some modern cars today have 4 or 5 different ways of unlocking the doors, including keypads, conventional locks, or keyless entry systems. But what exactly happens in this kind of technology, regardless of the different methods of locking and unlocking of car doors? The mechanism going on the locking and unlocking … Continue reading

Five Most Common Raw Stuff Found in Cars

? What we usually hear about are parts that make up a car like engines, seats, transmissions, electrical system, and many others. While these things are as important as any other car part, the raw materials are often overlooked. Some of the materials the car industry uses include aluminium, copper, petroleum products, rubber, glass, iron, … Continue reading

8 Ways to Spot Flood-damaged Cars

When cars are subjected to deep flood, they are oftentimes classified as demolished which means these cars are most likely to end up in salvage yards. But there are soaked cars that find their way to car lots that sell used cars. This is why buyers need to be careful since not every dealer truthfully … Continue reading

8 Signs You Might be Dealing with Transmission Trouble

Before you go to the mechanic, it only makes sense to first diagnose whatever car problem you are experiencing, just if you are not sure it’s a serious one. Car problems that are mechanical typically come in distinct sensation and sound. These are the main indicators that one thing or another does not function normally. … Continue reading

6 Most Recyclable Car Parts

Have you ever recycled your auto parts regularly? Good for you if you have. But don’t worry if you still haven’t tried doing this. Automotive stuff such as oil, filters, batteries, scrap metal, glass, and tires can be recycled by yourself so you don’t have to worry about the environment. The following tips will make … Continue reading

4 Steps to Improve Your Car’s Sound System

A vehicle’s sound system is almost the only source for in-car entertainment. However, the stock system that comes on a lot of cars is sub-part. But this can be solved through a few upgrades in the audio system. Upgrades are quite easy and will most likely improve your overall driving experience. The Head Unit and … Continue reading