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Low Cost Performance Auto Parts for A Happy Wallet


In an ideal world, modifying your car would be entirely free. But we are not in a dream world where simple modifications take a lot of money. A lot of car owners constantly search for inexpensive ways in order to modify their vehicle and look for the best deal. There are actually plenty of less costly options for vehicle owners looking to upgrade the performance of their cars or autos. Auto modifiers seem to want to add horsepower to their vehicle. If you have the money, then go and upgrade your car’s horsepower. For gear heads who are on a tight budget, power modifications may not be the best investment. In fact, if you spend at least $500 on exhaust components which can boost a car’s horsepower by 10 to 15, the money spent on these expensive parts can be used to buy particular vehicle parts that are less expensive which will even improve your vehicle’s performance and ride factor. This article will list 5 cheap performance parts that will surely improve your vehicle.


Motor Mount Inserts

These are the kind of auto parts that bring out the real value at a fraction of the price of performance motors mounts which typically costs more than $400. Motor mount inserts boost up manufacturer mounts resulting in a controlled torque, reduced wheel hop, and improved shifting for FWD vehicles. Motor mount inserts function under high performance conditions to avoid potential damage to your vehicle. Some of these products are tested to increase motor support and stability. This means that acceleration from a dead stop can be greatly improved for front wheel drive owners without burning too much gas. Motor mount inserts cost $20-$30 and/or less.

Aftermarket Sway Bar Bushing and Control Arm

Control arm and sway bar bushings that aftermarket products are tagged with a price of $30 to $50 dollars or even less. These performance parts are made to increase rigidity and reduce suspension movement – just what every modification in the suspension is designed to. Sway bar bushings function to insulate the sway bar to absorb vibration as well as avoid contact with metals. Sway bar bushings then allow increased movement which probably explains why they are made softer. If you notice a squeaking noise when hitting a bump, this might be a sign of failure or wear. Once you replace the stock bushings, the improvement in vehicle handling will definitely be noticeable. However, the end links should be inspected and replaced whenever necessary.


Shifter Bushings

These vehicle parts are important for manual transmission autos. Manufacturers of shifters mostly use rubber, polyurethane, or aluminum in shifter bushings. This certainly means that the shifter will move from side to side, even in gear. Bushings that have polyurethane or aluminum shifters will help improve the vehicle’s rigidity and crispness which allows for confident shifting between gears.

Throttle Body Spacer

Throttle body spacer parts are designed to help increase air flowing in the engine to boost torque and horsepower figures. There have been reported feedbacks from buyers with regard to this product. It revealed that the usefulness and effectiveness of the throttle body spacer particularly differ from vehicle to vehicle. Generally, the throttle body spacer aids in organizing and maintaining high velocity. The advantages vehicle owners gain may include torque figures between 800-2500 rpm. Vehicles with larger engines might do well with this modification. Ranging from $50-$100, the throttle body spacer is just not easy to ignore.

Hood Damper Kit

The hood damper kit may not greatly impact the vehicle’s performance but prove to be very useful. Hood dampers are typically adjustable and make the hood stand insignificant. They also allow for smooth shutting and opening of your car’s trunk or rear. Hood dampers also perfectly eliminate the chances of the hood falling down while you are checking the trunk or rear. You can buy a cheap kit for only $50 to $70.