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A Comparison Between Conventional And Infrared Saunas

Are you contemplating purchasing a sauna for your home? Since there are many companies selling home saunas, your choices are nearly endless. You could rely on the opinion of a friend or co-worker for your decision but with the diverse and ever changing technology within the marketplace, how do you know if you are arriving at the right selection?

Many Types of Saunas with So Many Differences! Basically, we can separate home saunas into 2 main classes: the traditional style that features a heating element with “hot lava rocks” and the “newer” type which boasts infrared technology. Traditional style saunas are fine for shorter sessions but unfortunately, the traditional sauna lacks several of the health benefits that one could get from using an infrared sauna.

A disadvantage that traditional saunas present is that their temperatures must reach upper heat levels (150-180 degrees) in order for the body to actually start sweating. This temperature is way too high to safely manage, for any extended length of time, especially if a person has cardiovascular disease or hypertension. Physicians agree that anything longer than 20 minutes at those high temperatures could have a detrimental effect upon your health. In fact, it could actually be putting excessive strain on your heart as your body attempts to counter the effects of the high heat.

Infrared saunas have a totally unique way of “heating up the body”. The heat rendered from infrared saunas permeates the body much deeper (up to 1 3/4 inches compared to the traditional sauna, which only penetrates approximately 1/8 of an inch). Because of this greater heat permeation, your body can create a healthful detoxifying sweat at a much lower sauna temperature–about 120 degrees. Thus, with lower heat, you have greater safety and tremendous added health benefits.

Many doctors are beginning to add infrared sauna therapy into their patient’s treatment programs. These include those with inflammation, necessitated weight loss, cholesterol control, and blood pressure control! An additional impressive advantage of infrared therapy is that the deep penetrating heat is able to allow detoxifying effects on the body. The infrared heat aids the body by drawing out toxins deep below the skin and exfoliating them through the skin. Since we are exposed to several toxins on a daily basis, infrared therapy can assist in secreting these toxins fortifying our immune system and improving our health and well being.

Are All Infrared Saunas Alike? In essence, there are 2 types of infrared saunas that are distributed in the market place today. The differences dwell by the type of heaters used-ceramic vs. carbon based. Years ago, ceramic heaters were the industry accepted choice, but as the technology evolved, carbon based heaters were originated and now are the industry’s golden measure for infrared sauna therapy.

Ceramic based heaters in infrared saunas are less effective than carbon based heaters. This is because the ceramic rods can only make a limited amount of heat and must function at very high temperatures. This creates an uneven dispersion of the heat, creating “hot spots” (which could burn the user!) and “cold spots”, where there is no heat at all!

Carbon based technology produces an even and uniform heat throughout the sauna, therefore there is no uneven distribution of heat that you get with ceramic heaters. In comparing, a typical two person ceramic infrared sauna, the rods produce approximately 56 square inches of infrared heat, whereas the carbon based infrared saunas produce approximately 572 square inches of heat, in the same size sauna! The research concludes that the whole body should be surrounded by the infrared heat to have the greatest opportunity to absorb as many rays as possible in order to optimize the health benefits of the therapy.

Is An Infrared Sauna Safe? As stated above, the medical profession has recognized and attested the numerous benefits of infrared saunas. Infrared therapy and treatment includes: detoxification of the body, weight loss and burning extra calories, blood pressure control, pain easement, diminishing inflammation, alleviating fibromyalgia symptoms and improvements in overall health and well being.

Where Can I Purchase A Carbon Based Infrared Sauna? There are several company’s specializing in carbon based infrared sauna technology. I suggest that you look for the established companies that are Better Business Bureau accredited and ETL certified and have Carbon Wave 360 Technology. This combination will ensure a safe and high quality purchase.

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