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Working in Australia

Australia is known for its laid back and outdoor lifestyle and has always attracted huge numbers of immigrants. However anyone living in the country knows that they can’t always enjoy the vast landscapes without sometimes working. Finding a good job in Australia can lead to the perfect balance of work and play, but just what is it like to work in Australia?

Traditionally the Australian economy relied very heavily on the manufacturing and mining industries but just like all other developed countries that focus has shifted to the services industry. The driving force behind the growing Australian economy is now the services sector and by taking a look at the available jobs it is easy to see how large the services industry is. However Australia has always been one of the mining centres of the world and there are still opportunities for skilled workers.

The Australian lifestyle is well known for being laid back and easy going but this is a stark contrast to the economy. The Australian economy has grown tremendously over the past few decades and is beginning to thrive. Companies are continually expanding and the country has been facing skills shortages and labour gaps for the past few years which it has used overseas workers to fill. Thanks to the number of opportunities available in the thriving economy it is now considered one of the best places to work.

Work in Australia is very similar to other developed economies. The working hours will add up to around 35-40 hours per week and holiday entitlement is usually 4-6 weeks depending on the company. Employers are also required by law to pay 9% of an employee’s gross pay into a retirement fund. All of the employer regulations are set by the National Employment Standards (NES) and is a guide for the minimum working conditions including maximum weekly hours, annual leave, public holidays and redundancy pay.

Despite the massive growth of the services sector the country still has a number of opportunities for skilled migrants interested in the mining sector. Companies are actively looking for mining professionals as they begin to expand and push the Australian economy forward.

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