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What is Reggaeton Music?

There is a brand new type of Spanish language music that’s sweeping well-liked music. Known as reggaeton music, it has its origins in the afro-Caribbean sounds that originate from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Though reggaeton music is comparatively new to the mainstream music world, having just achieved true popularity starting in about 2004, this style of spicy, latin influenced Spanish language music happen to be slowly brewing underneath the surface of popular music for a number of years. For the uninitiated, let’s take a look at the beginnings of reggaeton music, some of the most popular artists playing the style today along with other aspects of this very cool style of Spanish language music.


Reggeaton music has its beginnings within the same locations that afro-cuban as well as afro-Caribbean music does. Greatly inspired by the reggae and rock steady island types of music that were fostered within Jamaica, reggaeton also mixes in a heavy quantity of the latin inspired sound which spreads throughout afro-cuban music. With this particular healthy mix of interesting styles, reggaeton has quickly become one of the most fascinating brand new forms of Spanish language music. For those that are interested, just search the internet to find a website where you can download music for free. There are lots of sites which will allow you to tune in to and download it.

The Early Days

While reggaeton really first skyrocketed in the mid 1980s, it did not attain the degree of mainstream popularity which it has today right up until just a couple of years back. The first days of reggaeton had been much like the start of punk rock or blues. Bands played the style within their local region and created quite an impression, however did not do a lot beyond their local area when it comes to marketing music or perhaps getting the style on the market. Instead, they fostered a feverishly loyal local fan base which eventually forced the style to mainstream level of popularity.

Rise to Popularity

Ultimately, after years of the reggaeton style flying under the radar, it skyrocketed onto the mainstream music scene in about 2004. This was partially due to the increase of Spanish language musicians gaining popularity in mainstream American and European music. Musicians such as Shakira as well as Christina Aguilera, Rick Martin and Enrique Inglesias made Spanish music a viable thing within mainstream music, opening the doorway for various of the reggaeton artists which are popular today to manage to get their name out there.

Popular Artists

Just about the most well-liked reggaeton artists out there today is named Don Omar. Also referred to as El Rey, or “The Rey”, Omar has achieved a level of popularity that is extremely difficult to obtain in mainstream music when you’re a Spanish speaking musician. Because of his ingenious blend of Spanish and English as part of his music, you can find much of his work readily available for download on music sites that allows you to download free music. Many of the reggaeton artists which are well-liked these days owe much to Omar, since if it were not for him they may never have become well-liked enough to have their music featured on website that allow you to download free music.

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