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The Ways To Keep The Spark In Your Marriage

The first flush of love and marriage makes everything appear with a rosy glow to it. Then, somewhere down the line the grind of daily routine begins to take over. That extra touch, the magical across the room glance all begin to fade. But, wait there are things that you could do to keep the spark alive and going. Even after years of being married you can still continue with the magic.

When several women were questioned about what really makes them feel wanted and cared for by their partner, their answer was the little things in life. Like for instance a guiding arm around their waist at a crowded place.

There are a million small ways in which you can keep the first flush of love glowing in your marriage. Let your partner know of how much you care for them. Appreciate the things they do around the house, the chores, the looking after the home and hearth. Let them know how beautiful they look, admire the new hairstyle, the new dress or the new handbag that they have. Criticize if need be, at the right time and place.

Time spent together. Put away all the technological help that we have and spend quality time with them. There should be nothing to distract you at that time. Look into their eyes; turn off the television and mobile phone. And, give your partner your ears to listen, yes actually listen to what they have to tell you.

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