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The True Cost Of An Affair

The True Cost Of An Affair

It seems there is a constant flow of highly public celebrity divorces recently, each of which being splashed across newspapers for all to see and judge. Often the divorces come about after an affair has taken place, the settlements are often very interesting to hear about as more than the average person’s lifetime earnings are often involved.

An example of somebody who has recently found himself the subject of some of these newspaper stories is golf pro Tiger Woods.

The divorce settlement between Woods and his wife Elin is estimated at being around $100 million dollars, questions of whether Woods thought the affair was worth it are being posed right, left and centre as people are shocked by the amount of money being discussed.

Originally it was thought that the settlement would be worth around three quarters of a billion dollars but this has since been slated as being wide of the mark. Woods is worth 600 million dollars and bearing in mind often settlements entail splitting everything down the middle he looks to have gotten off lightly.

Woods and his wife have houses in California and Florida and as they are said to be following Florida law as there is no state income tax in Florida.

It has however been pointed out that if the former couple would have filed for divorce in California Elin would have been likely to receive more as California is a community property state.

Woods’ children will also have to be factored into the settlement and it is believed that his estranged wife will be granted custody of the two children with Woods having visitation rights. Woods is not expected to push for sole custody.

The monetary cost of a mistake like an extra marital affair is certainly something these high powered, wealthy celebrities should consider beforehand. Divorces can be complicated and factors such as children can mean the process takes longer.

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