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The Look You Want With Laminate Flooring In Orlando

Just about everyone loves the look and feel of a hardwood floor. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford its relatively higher cost. However, if you want the look, for a more affordable price, consider laminate flooring Orlando. It can provide the best of both worlds.

This floor type is made up of layers. The bottom or middle layers are often composites of things like sawdust, fiberboard, wood scraps, or resin. The layer that you see is a photograph of wood, stone, or tile. This top layer has a covering of a hard plastic-like material. With the better technology applied to these planks today, it is difficult without a close inspection to think it is not actually wood, tile, or stone that you are seeing.

The product is fairly easy to install. Many do-it-yourself fans, find it satisfying to install it themselves. However, for most people, professional installation is recommended. The planks are assembled with tongues and grooves that simply click together. They must be placed on some type of sub-floor. This is often covered in foam that reduces both sound and moisture. When installing, a tiny gap is left between the boards to accommodate expansion.

Diligence is required when cleaning this type of floor. Dust or dirt can scratch its surface. Pet accidents or any type of water or moisture can also cause warping or swelling if left on too long. Clean up any messes as quickly as you can. Some of the newer products today come with a water resistant coating, but diligence is still needed to make the product last. Most products are guaranteed for from 10 years to a lifetime. The average guarantee is usually between 25 to 40 years.

This product comes with several advantages. First is its versatility and durability. Also, there is virtually a limitless supply of the product. It is comfortable on the feet when walked upon, and the looks available are countless. Also, no sealing or waxing is required for its care.

It does carry some disadvantages. Scratching can occur if not kept clean. This is especially true in high traffic areas. One solution for some is to place throw rugs over the areas that have more traffic. The finish is not changeable. Whatever it looks like when bought, is the way it will stay. Bathrooms, kitchens, and basements may not be the best locations for it because they can have more moisture problems.

Laminate flooring Orlando is definitely a viable option for many. Its cost and durability make it an excellent choice. No matter what look you desire, its availability is there with this product.

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