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Spy Cameras Reviews and Ratings 2010

If you have a misgiving that somebody is cheating on you or trying to pinch from you. an spy camera would be very useful and there will be nothing more gratifying than recording and catching out business opponents, cheating spouses and those you need to hold to account. No longer will you have to assume something going on, either in the work place or in your private life. By having your own spy camera you essentially become you own private eye. Not only do you feel you are well tooled for the job but you are doing it in style and with a touch of class.

The most obvious use for a mini spy camera would be for the work place security to keep on eye on your employees or if your have an retail shop the customers. Since these type of cameras are small and can be placed anywhere, you can put it in places that can offer a bird’s eye view of what’s going on when you are not around. This is handy if you want to evaluate their performance because they will be more spontaneous if they won’t feel your presence. It can also be used to check if your workers are not dipping their hands in the till.

You will have the information you will need to make the best judgments with these mini spy cameras. Not decisions based on fear, suspicion and lack of confidence; you will make decisions based on the truth. As they say a picture paints a thousand words and thats all the evidence you will need if that kind of situation arises. A well positioned Camera like this will bring you to the truth of the problem every time.

The Pen Spy Camera has a lithium battery which is high capacity and can achieve 100 minutes of continuous recording. It has SD memory and can video record more then 6 hours in 10 mega pixel quality. A high sensitivity microphone can listen in on up to 15 square meters. The high definition camera gives exquisite appearance. Just like any other pen it actually writes, and has a smooth writing function and replaceable standard cartridge. You can download all your precious data with a standard USB cable.

Up to now, a wireless covert spy camera has video formats alone and no audio support whatsoever. Now, it is completely reasonable to see that aside from filming footages, you can now hear what they are trying to speak. In some lower types, the quality of the images can be bad so you may have a hard time looking through the images captured. Because this is a wireless model, some have noted that this is a bad buy if you are planning to use it in different places. It’s hard to enjoy this wireless covert spy camera if you are going to place it in a far spot. Bear in mind that the range is only effective if you are going to stay within a 30-meters radius.

This wireless covert spy camera is not much bigger than a dime. The pinhole camera lenses makes this wireless color camera ideal for implementing into objects for covert surveillance projects, home security or general use as a cheap camera. There is also a built in microphone to capture sound as well, a feature that most spy cameras in this price range (under $60) do not have.

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