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In recent years, another hotspot for retirement living has emerged outside the usual triumvirate of retirement options that include Florida, Arizona and California. The Oregon Coast offers a different climate and a different way of life. The Oregon Coast offers numerous benefits to its residents.

From the grand Pacific Ocean to the seemingly endless amount of lakes, rivers, creeks and ponds, there is no shortage of water on the Oregon Coast and certainly no shortage of water based activities. Whether crabbing, whale watching, sailing, boating, fishing, tubing, water skiing, jet skiing or just about any other water based activity, you can find it on the Oregon Coast.

Don’t forget the dunes, a large portion of the Oregon Coast is covered by the beautiful Oregon Dunes Recreational Area. The middle of the coastline is occupied with approximately forty miles of breathtaking dunes, which play host to a variety of activities for dirt bikes, ATV’s, and other recreational craft.

Pollution, whether of the water or air, is not a concern on the Oregon Coast, as the winds and rain from the Pacific prevent anything from settling in the area. You’ll find that cities and towns on the Oregon Coast have some of the best air and water quality in the United States.

Are you a shopaholic? You’ll love Oregon. The state has no sales tax! It’s easier to set a budget for shopping because you don’t have to add sales tax to the price of everything! For retirees on a fixed budget, this is just one more convenience that Oregon offers.

Activities abound on the Oregon Coast. The quality of life along the Oregon Coast is truly top-notch, as it is home to a wealth of breathtaking forests, glistening sand dunes, pristine beaches, and notable parks– all ripe for exploration. A photographer could truly be in heaven with the scenery presented by the Oregon Coast. Whatever your passion– fishing, whale watching, camping, kite flying, boating, bird watching, hiking, scuba diving, biking, canoeing, beach combing, shell collecting, horseback riding, or any other outdoor activity– you are sure to find it on the Oregon Coast.

Since there is always diversity, it is the unifying power of the Growers. Every October come the Punkin’ Chunkin’ and Goat Mountain attractions. location portrait photography An added bonus is a chance to examine ripe wheat dancing along the road.