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Who Else Wants Lush and Healthy Lashes using Organic Mascara?

I really can’t think of anyone who would say no to that question, especially women.  Come on, ever girl knows the wonders of having long, lush and healthy lashes.  Why do you think so many people resort to having semi permanent lashes?  The problem with that is after a couple of weeks, the lashes start falling one by one and then you need to have it retouched.  Women who have tried this have experienced the inconvenience and the hassle of doing this.  It can be quite expensive too.  I myself have tried semi permanent lashes.  After it fell out piece by piece, I found myself going back to using good ol’ mascara.  Then again, I experience eye irritation every now and then probably because of the chemicals used in my mascara … that is until I learned that long, lush and healthy lashes are possible by using organic mascara.

I have to admit, this type of mascara mascara costs a little more than your regular mascara and it can be quite difficult to find but once you find the one that is compatible with your sensitive eyes, I assure you that it is totally worth it.  It gives the same lengthening and thickening effect of your regular mascara minus all the harsh chemicals so you never have to worry about eye trouble again.  Make sure that it is 100 percent organic though because there are mascaras in the market that are only half organic.  Why settle for anything less than pure organic ones?

Just like your regular mascara, organic mascara comes in different colors from your usual black and brown to the wackier ones with exciting jewel tones.  If you have dark eyes, then I suggest that you use black mascara for a more dramatic effect.  If your eyes have a light shade then go for brown for a more natural effect.  Take note though that most all natural mascara brands are not waterproof although that variant is already available.  It is incredibly difficult to find though.  Then again, not having waterproof mascara should not post as a problem because the good quality ones will not smudge.  It can easily be washed off by soap and water though which is a good thing because you don’t have to rub the skin under your eyes hard just to get it off.

Do you want long, lush and healthy lashes?  Get your organic mascara now!