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Little Known Ways to do Nail Designs Yourself

Today, people value self expression so much that it goes beyond the usual fashion of dressing up.  It is reflected down to the smallest detail such as your nails.  Today, a lot of women are enthralled by nail designs however having it done by professionals can be pretty expensive.  But why spend so much for something that you can do yourself?  These are the little known ways to do nail designs yourself.  It may take a little practice but you will eventually get the hang of it.

1.     Clean your nails with a nail brush, and push back the cuticles.  If your nails aren’t shaped, file them slightly and then use a nail buff.

2.     Next, determine what kind of nail designs you want for your nails.  You can be all creative and come up with your own.

3.     Make sure that you have a nail polish remover and a small cotton ball just so you can easily retouch if necessary.  If it is your first time, you will surely have a mistake or two so you better have this close to you.

4.     Brush on base color of your choice and apply twice to make sure that it is dark.  Wait for it to dry.  It could take a few minutes.

5.     Using a nail polish brush, place dashes and dots once the base coating is already dry.  If you want to have details on it, you can buy fine brushes so that the nail designs will be intricate.

6.     You can even add gems and stickers by simply dipping them on nail glue and using tweezers to hold it in place until it dries up.  If you want to add some glitter to it, just shake them onto your nails before the polish dries up.