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Hungarian Vizslas: The German Shepherd alternative

Have you ever wanted to own a dog that is capable of performing lots of different tasks? While there are some people who will want to buy or adopt a puppy like that of a German Shepard, the Hungarian Vizslas is one that is bred for doing all of sorts of tasks. You will find that this dog belongs to group of gun dogs. When people refer to this dog breed you will find that they use many different names.

These include names such as Hungarian Wire-haired Pointing Dog, Drotzr MagyarVizsla, Wirehaired Vizslas and the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizlas. You can find this dog by using any of the names mentioned above. Now looking at a Vizslas, you will find that this is a dog having average proportions. Also the dog is very friendly and social in nature.

The purpose of breeding this type of dog was to use it as a retriever dog during game hunting. The dog is liked by hunters because it has the ability of retrieving game from both water and land. You will find that the Hungarian Vizslas is a very energetic dog as it was originally bred for hunting. One way to dissipate this exuberant amount of energy is to take your dog for long walks. You can also use a stick or ball to play fetch with your dog.

These activities can help a Hungarian Vizslas to spend all the energy that is generally showcased by dogs of this breed. One thing to note is that the Hungarian Vizslas is a dog that cannot adapt itself to an apartment life unlike other dog breeds that are capable of adapting themselves to living in an apartment. Your Hungarian Vizslas can be turned into a destructive machine due to the lack of space coupled with the lack of exercise in an apartment.

Hungarian Vizslas are known to live for a number of years provided that you provide ample care to them and fulfill their basic needs. According to the current statistics available Vizslas have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Also this is dog that is relatively easy to groom. All you need to do is use a firm brush for the purpose of brushing and an occasional shampoo to keep the dog in shape.

The Hungarian Vizslas breed was originally bred sometimes in the late 1930s. From the beginning this breed has been very popular among the people. By taking a look at the various characteristics of the dog such as temperament, living conditions, grooming and description you will know that the Hungarian Vizslas is a great dog to own and make you companion.

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