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How To: Choose Silver.Ag Snake Chain

Snake chains are very modern and good looking. Unlike other necklaces which are usually made of a series of linked rings or a woven band, these are made up of round or geometric metal rings that are joined side by side and thus forming a tube with a smooth scaly texture that is much like snake skin. They are flexible and very stylish.

One of the first things you will want to decide on is what type of material the necklace will be made from. There are many types of gold to consider like white gold or yellow gold. Then you can consider the carat. There is the purest form which is 24k, or 22k, 18k, 14k, and 10k. The higher the carat the more valuable the gold is. That also means the more expensive!

Stainless steel is an affordable option along with silver. You may not get the highest quality necklace in these metals, but if you are looking for something fun and inexpensive, these are great choices. Platinum is expensive but if you have the budget for it, it will last you a lifetime.

Consider what size of necklace you want to buy. Do you want something very thick? Or perhaps you prefer a thinner chain that you can hang a pendant on. The length and width that you select will affect the cost. The thicker and longer the necklace the more expensive it will be.

Generally, an eighteen carat gold necklace that is eighteen inches long will cost around three hundred dollars. The price can vary greatly though depending on where you buy and when, so be sure to shop around quite a bit before making your purchase. You can often catch a great deal if you buy during a sale. The most popular sales are around Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas.

Other accessories are available to compliment your necklace. A matching bracelet is a great choice. You could also go with a nice pair of earrings to complete your ensemble. Some may even like to layer a few different necklaces.

To personalize your choice of snake chains, think about adding a pendant to wear with it. You can get just about anything you want on a pendant. Show off your personal style easily by selecting something that says a little bit about who you are and what you like. For example, a cat lover could buy a pendant of a cat, or a religious person may want to buy a cross.

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