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Now You Too Can Make Honey Facial Mask through this Step by Step Guide

People tend to spend so much money for all sorts of facial masks only to discover that the secret ingredient of the best one can be found in their home.  Honey facial mask is said to be one of the most effective facial masks in keeping the skin clean as it opens the pores in order to effectively remove the dirt.  That does not even begin to mention the rejuvenating and moisturizing properties of honey.  Simply put, this mask that can do wonders for your skin is something that you can make yourself.

First, place 1 tablespoon of honey in a mixing bowl and then mix it with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  You will discover that the combination is potent in keeping your skin moisturized without feeling heavy honey also helps deal with pimples as it kills the germs and reduces the inflammation.  To complete your honey facial mask, add the egg yolk to your mixture and mix them thoroughly.

Once your mixture is creamy, add 2 pieces of cucumber as it is known to restore the acid levels of the skin which serves as its natural protection.  Likewise, it also nourishes and hydrates the skin while reducing the dreadfully dark area underneath your eyes.  It is the perfect ingredient to add to your honey facial mask.

Last, open the pores of your face using warm cloth and apply the mixture.  Wait for about 20 minutes and then you can rinse your face.  It is best to do this with lukewarm water.  After which, you may close the pores of your skin by splashing it cold water.  It will also add to the firmness.

Why spend your money unnecessarily on facial masks when the best one is something that you can do at home?