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Now You can Play Dress Up Games and Makeup Too Online!

Do you remember playing with paper dolls when you were younger?  You would cut them up and choose the clothes that you want your doll to wear and become awfully frustrated with the limited choices but made do with what was available anyway?  Or maybe you played with Barbies, which once upon a time was every girl’s favorite toy.  You can buy clothes for her and dress her up however you wish but because it is quite pricey, you had to act charming, whine or even beg your parents to buy Barbie clothes for you?

Guess what, playing with paper dolls and Barbie dolls just got a whole lot better and it is way cheaper too because now, you can play dress up games and makeup too online!  For a very small subscription fee, you can be the fashion designer and makeup artist that you have always wanted to be.  There are even websites that offer this feature for free!  Now you can play dress up all you want.  In fact, I can name a lot of great reasons on why you should play dress up games and makeup too online.

First, unlike playing Barbie or paper dolls, your choices of outfits are limitless.  This is the modern age and you can dress her as funky or girly as your imagination can take you.  No other doll in the market can allow you to do that.

Second, now you are no longer limited to just changing her outfit.  You can choose her makeup, hair and overall look as well.  Even her accessories are for you to choose.  Is that cool or what?

Third, your fellow designers can comment on your creations, telling you if they like it or not or how to improve on some areas of your design.  Who would have thought that playing dress up games and makeup too could improve your designing ability?

Fourth, as I mentioned earlier, it is relatively cheaper than always having to buy clothes from stores. You get to save so much more considering the loads of fun that you can get from it.

Fifth, you can even choose the person that you want to dress up.  Pick your favorite actress or singer and you can choose what she should wear for events.

Play dress up games and makeup too online.  It is quite an experience!