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Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses For Three Very Different Wedding Styles

Bridesmaid dresses are often usually made in relatively plain colors. This is fine, as in general bridesmaids don’t want to steal the bride’s thunder. However, for informal and personalized weddings, bridesmaids can still wear colorful dresses and that’s the right thing for the occasion.

When it comes to color matching bridesmaid dresses, one should not only focus on color, but also the texture and the luster of the fabric. In this article let’s look at four fun Formal evening dressescolor matches, which could give you some fresh ideas for your wedding:

Since personalized weddings are usually relaxed, the color of bridesmaid dresses is allowed to be bright as long as it’s not brighter than the bride’s wedding dress. It should be in tune with the color of what the bride is wearing. And if brides wear simple wedding dresses, the design of the dresses should not be complicated too.

If it’s an indoor wedding and the occasion is formal, like in a church, and the bride wears a dress with a train, then the bridesmaid dresses should be formal too. To be specific, the skirt should reach the top of their shoes, but cannot be fuller than the bride’s, otherwise they might be in danger of stealing the bride’s thunder and could find it hard to help her with her train as she walks down the aisle.

There is loads of space outdoors so you’ll probably be walking around and so very formal dresses won’t be the most comfortable or practical choice. For bridesmaid dresses, this theory applies, too. There can be paillettes, lace and have dedicated waist belts as decorations. The fabric of the dresses would better be cotton or true silk to make them high-quality and comfortable for outside where it could be hot (if it’s summer or on the beach which are the most popular times for outdoor weddings).

So the bridesmaids’ shoes should be comfortable, not too tight and with heels that aren’t too high or thin..amesud