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Caution: Don’t Do Tricep Kickbacks If You Want Defined Arms That Let You Go Sleeveless

Having an idea of which exercises are a waste of time is just as important as having an idea of which exercises are the best. Unfortunately, some of the most prescribed arm exercises are extremely ineffective.

How did this come to be in this day and age?

Well, I believe we have a case of tradition overshadowing modern science. It seems as though certain fitness experts have been recommending specific arm exercises for so long that most women simply do them without any questioning.

But I come to you with good news. I’ve already done all the questioning for you. And I’m ready to share all the answers to my questions.

So without further delay, here is my review of triceps kickbacks for getting toned arms:

1. Snapshot: This movement has two enormous drawbacks. First, you are limited to using very light weights. Not good for maximum arm toning. Second, exercising one arm at a time is as inefficient as it gets.

2. Technical overview: Find a low bench. Place one of your hands on it while leaning forward with knees slightly bent. Use your free hand to grasp a weight. Keep the same arm aligned with your torso. Lift the weight by straightening out your arm. Slowly lower it and repeat.

3. Frequent mistakes: Not going through the entire range of motion. Swinging up and down to move the weight rapidly. And not keeping the elbows locked in position.

4. Bottom line: Just because all the other women in your gym are doing this exercise doesn’t mean that you should. There are far better exercises out there for toning the triceps. Do not buy into this one.

Doing ineffective arm toning exercises is extremely demoralizing because you won’t get results. You’ll feel like you’re going around in circles. And without results, you’re more likely to quit. So make sure you stick to what works and disregard everything else, even if everybody is doing it, good luck!

Author Katherine Crawford, a fitness expert and former arm fat sufferer, teaches how to get toned arms. Unearth how to get sexy arms by exploring her website with shake weight reviews right now!