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Purchase One Of The Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Necklaces

There are quite a few choices to be found in Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Necklaces. They help to raise funding for research into the disorder for which there is no known cause. Wear yours to honor a baby who has the malady or to support the parents of the child.

The necklace itself is made of a series of pieces of a jigsaw puzzle strung together. Another style is a single piece hung from a silver or gold chain. Sometimes the jigsaw piece is sold alone and hung around the neck on a ribbon. The purpose is immediately recognizable due to publicity, just as the pink ribbon is worn to indicate support for breast cancer survivors.

Autism is no longer considered to be one single disorder. It includes Asperger’s Syndrome, Rett Syndrome and two others. Together they are often referred to as Autism. It is no longer a rare malady either.

No wonder treatment plans are in place for a great number of children. Autism is widespread and affects more boys than girls. The fact is that one in every 110 babies will be diagnosed with it in one form or another. Selling merchandise is one part of the research funding.

The jigsaw puzzle pieces come in all price ranges. One lovely example is a four-color puzzle block hanging from a sixteen-inch long chain, which comes with a three-inch extender. Both chain and lobster clasp are silver tone. The puzzle piece block is in four colors, two shades of blue, pale yellow and red.

Another necklace is a puffed heart in silver-tone with the heart comprised of puzzle pieces. The heart is three-fourths of an inch in size and the chain is eighteen-inches long. This one comes with a one-inch extender.

Austrian crystals decorate one especially pretty necklace. It comes on a twisted S chain and has a lobster clasp. The chain itself is seventeen-inches long and has matching bracelet and earrings available. This necklace is sold in packages of eighteen and intended to be a fund-raising item.

One of the loveliest necklaces has the puzzle piece with an angel above lettering. Inscribed on the front is “An Angel Gets Its Wings” and the back says “By Helping Other People Find Theirs.” This sentiment expresses the hope that by wearing these necklaces, people will become aware of the need for fund-raising efforts for research into this disorder.

Public attention is attracted when people see others who wear the Autism awareness puzzle piece necklaces. This is an attractive piece of jewelry in its many styles. Since more children are affected by autism than childhood cancer, something must be done. Research is sorely needed to discover the cause because more and more babies will be affected in the years ahead.

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