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Anti Wrinkle Cream VS Oranges!

Anti wrinkle cream can be a wonderful help in the fight against aging. However, based on my own experience and vast research – if taking care of your outer appearance by using a good anti wrinkle cream is all you do to stay young, you’re fighting a losing battle.

Hi, my name is Tommy. I have a wonderful secret I would like to share with you. It’s a simple secret. So simple, in fact, that you may view it as too simple to actually work when I tell you what it is.

I just turned 40. I look 25. No eye-wrinkles, no sagging anything – I look like I did 15 years ago. No kidding. I can’t go anywhere without getting carded, and when people check my ID, they just about have a heart attack. That, and they ask me what my secret is.

Am I blessed with good genes? No. I have two sisters my age, and they look ten to fifteen years older than I do.

…are you ready for the secret?

1. I take 1000-2000 mg of vitamin C (with bioflavonoids – important!) and large doses of vitamin B (Mega-stress, or B-50) every day. I also like eating oranges, which are abundant with vitamin C.

If you google “Vitamin C anti aging”, you will find a well of information on the astounding anti-aging benefits of vitamin C.

We know much less about the anti aging benefits of vitamin B. I learned that secret over ten years ago, when a ninety year old healer/chiropractor told me to take vitamin B with every single meal (I take half a vitamin B with each meal) to stay young. Vitamin B helps turn your food into energy. Energy is required for every single function in your body, including the regeneration of tissues like collagen, etc – tissues that keep you looking young.

You probably won’t find this information on vitamin B anywhere else, because the anti aging effect it has is indirect.

Are you getting this?

2. For years now, I have been washing my face, followed by using a high quality anti wrinkle cream, every morning and night.

…that’s all! I told you it was a simple secret. So simple in fact, that some of you will not take my advice and start using it. Your loss.

Please remember you will not see instant results from this (with the exception of the anti wrinkle cream, from which you should see results in about a month and a half). What you will be doing right off the get-go, is providing your body with stellar antioxidant support, as well as energy to regenerate and rebuild itself. As time ticks by and people start asking you what the secret to your youthful look is, it’ll be your turn to say: “it’s so simple that if I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe me”.

Don’t forget the part about using a quality anti wrinkle cream – in my experience it is equally important. Before you go buying one, please look out for anti wrinkle cream scams. There is a myriad of anti wrinkle creams out there, and most of them do not work! For great information about this, visit

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