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an inspection of talent agencies

You might be one of those people for whom a cubicle life just doesn’t make sense. You might be someone who has some real talent, and a desire to share them with the world. You might have the face of America’s next sweetheart, or the body of America’s most secret dreams. In other words, if you’ve got these thoughts in your head, it may be time to check out modeling or acting.

The different jobs available out there are nearly limitless, as you may imagine — if you’re industrious and hard-working and dedicated. But first you’ve got to understand what a tricky world it is you’re entering, the talent world. A good talent agency can help you understand what’s going on. The agency walks you through the process right from the beginning, from getting your composites made to getting your first audition. So finding the right agency is very, very important. Because many are just looking for a quick buck off an optimistic kid like yourself.

Finding Your Agency

There are a few tips when it comes to looking for your future talent agency. This is an important relationship, so take the search seriously. Make sure the agency is fully licensed; make sure it has a client list with names you recognize; make sure it has been working in the industry for long enough to have established some credibility.

Once you’ve got an agency, you’ll want to get composites made. Composites are the photo collection cards you carry into auditions, and that agencies use to shop you around — they’re your business cards, essentially. Photographers can help you get these made; many talent agencies can take care of this too.

Beyond the Cubicle

Like we said earlier, there are many, many jobs out there in the talent world. You could be a foot model or a hand model; you could find your face in magazine ads, on TV commercials or runway modeling; your voice might end up on radio. Or you could go the entertainment route, where live television shows and big and small budget films. Now if none of this interests you, there’s also the wild world of music videos, where you may enjoy dancing on a car or running in slow motion or otherwise getting paid to have a fine time being yourself — which is to say, being uniquely talented.

Now you may think you don’t have the kind of exotic features that sell pants, but worry not. Talent agencies look for all kinds of people with all kinds of looks. So go forth and remember to work hard, find the right people, smile and get ready when the lights turn on.

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