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The Secret of a Successful Airbrush Artist is an Airbrush Makeup Portfolio

Once upon a time, makeup artists were confined to using top of the line cosmetics and makeup brushes.  They make you look beautiful by painting your face very much like how an artist “dresses up” a painting.  Today, however, things are slowly changing.  Although a lot of people still go for the good old, reliable makeup method, others are venturing into something less traditional.  These days, there is another way to add color to your face that does not include using makeup brushes and powders.  It is called airbrush and it is becoming a new craze.  In fact, if airbrush makeup artists do not cost an arm and a leg, more people would probably opt for this makeup strategy.  The sad news is only a privileged few can afford it.

If you are aspiring to be an airbrush makeup artist, I urge you to do it now.  There is no room for delay because every day, more and more people are wanting to learn this new makeup style.  Be among the first and go for it now.  Let us say that you already know how to use airbrush makeup, the next question is how will you market yourself so possible clients would know about the service that you offer and just how good you are at it.  The secret of a successful airbrush artist is an airbrush makeup portfolio.  Show possible clients what you can do and do not just tell them about it.  They say that a picture paints a thousand words and it is so true, especially in this industry.  Hence, it is time for you to gather your models, a photographer and your airbrush equipment.  It is time to have a photo shoot!

While producing your airbrush makeup portfolio, keep in mind that the point is to showcase your talent.  Hence, apply makeup to your models in different ways.  Go for a simple, girl next door look then a dashing diva with pouting red lips.  Also go for the haute couture look and elaborately apply makeup on one model.  This will show your prospective clients that you are versatile and they can get your services for almost any occasion.

Take time, be creative and exert your very best on your airbrush makeup portfolio.  Take note that it holds your success as an airbrush makeup artist.