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Acne Therapy – How to Take Care of Your Skin

Basic skins care for acne can assist you control aggravation and stop scars to a particular extent. Please take the following care –

1. Do not pick acne. Trying to squeeze out blackheads or whiteheads might lead to further infection. Picking up acne at second stage may lead to scarring.

2.There’s a misconception that excessive sweat or dirt can trigger acne. In blackheads what you see black isn’t dirt but oxidized sebum. Please don’t be harsh with your pores and skin. That will aggravate the acne situation. Gently clean your face with mild soap or cleansers formulated to care for acne and warm water. Pat dry, don’t rub.

3. Use noncomedogenic cosmetics and pores and skin care products. Noncomedogenic goods are certified to not trigger or worsen acne.

4.Guard your pores and skin with sunscreens. Avoid getting tanned. If you are beneath treatment for acne, consult your doctor about sun exposure as some medicines make your pores and skin more sensitive to sun.

5. Facials might worsen your acne. Avoid any type of facial if you have an acne outbreak.

6. Do you have the habit of touching your acne frequently? Avoid that. Also steer clear of any bangs coming on the forehead.

7. If you believe that much more than suggested dose of cream/lotions prescribed for your acne will cure acne faster, it is time to change your thinking. That may harm you rather than helping you.

8. Maintain your encounter totally free of make up as significantly as feasible. Let the pores and skin breath fresh air. Acne prone skin wants refreshing air.

9.Avoid using any oil or oil rich item for your hair. Use oil free hair care products. Oily hair might worsen your acne.

10. Do not get worried if your medication does not produce immediate result in treating acne. Consult your doctor and find out the time throughout which you would get relief from acne. Don’t worry till then. Acne medicine takes time to treat acne and produce clear skin.

Clara Linn writes articles on health and beauty for various article directories online.