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What Is Important To Know About Hair Relaxers

Straight hair is usually treated preferentially by hairstylists, who design few heir trends for the ones who have curly, wavy and frizzy hair. People with this kind of hair structure have always made great efforts to follow the current trends. However envied they may be by people with straight hair for easily achieving the same style all the time, curly-haired people must fight their untamable locks each day.

If you believe that straightening your hair will certainly improve your life, your dream has great chances of coming true. Around the year 1910 Garrett Augustus Morgan experimented with some chemicals and accidentally discovered that a certain combination has the power of changing the basic structure of the hair and refining it. The main substance used was Sodium Hydroxide and the newly discovered formula was mostly used by Afro-Americans to tame their restless hair.

In time the basic composition was further developed and improved, so that now everyone can buy home kits or have the products applied in professional salons. There are two basic types of products, one that includes lye and one without it.

Hair relaxers may be perfect for those who want to straighten their hair but they may also be damaging for the structure of the hair fiber because they act in its interior. These negative effects may be intensified by the fact that the paste must be applied to the roots once every six or eight weeks in order to maintain the results.

Life may be easier and more relaxed if one manages to get rid of the troubles related to hairstyling. However, we should have in mind that the most important quality of our hair is its health and that we must do our best to preserve it. Conditioning products are recommended to be applied after the use of hair relaxers in order to permit the hair fiber to regain some of the properties it lost during the treatment. The best style of hair is a healthy style and each of us should do their best in order to keep their hair damage free. Today the styling and conditioning options are very numerous, all we have to do is select the best products for our hair and give it the care it requires.

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