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What Stores Sell Bobbi Brown Makeup?

There are a very few trusted makeup brands that will surely make you look good without irritating your skin.  They are long lasting so you are confident to wear them all day long.  Bobbi Brown makeup is one of them so whether you are looking for a concealer that would hide that zit or that … Continue reading

The Secret of a Successful Airbrush Artist is an Airbrush Makeup Portfolio

Once upon a time, makeup artists were confined to using top of the line cosmetics and makeup brushes.  They make you look beautiful by painting your face very much like how an artist “dresses up” a painting.  Today, however, things are slowly changing.  Although a lot of people still go for the good old, reliable … Continue reading

Little Known Ways to Improve your Mac Makeup Tips Eyeshadow Application

Not all eye shadows are created equal.  Surely, some are better than others and it  does not take a professional makeup artist to spot the difference.  By merely looking at it, will be able to tell how rich and vibrant the color of the good ones are.  On the other hand, those that are made … Continue reading

Follow this Step by Step Smokey Eyes and Look Absolutely Stunning

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul.  No wonder people like to highlight their eyes so much.  There are a lot of things to do to draw attention to your eyes.  Some people opt to wear colored contact lenses for added drama and effect while others choose to highlight their eyes … Continue reading

Things You Should Know about Mac Makeup Looks

We all know that Mac cosmetics is one of the best brands that you can ever find in the market.  It is what most professional makeup artists use to bring out the star in whoever it is that they are fixing.  It is a little pricier than your regular makeup brand but it is absolutely … Continue reading

What You Ought to Know about Klingon Makeup

“Live long and prosper.”  To all of you Star Trek fans, you should know this famous line from our favorite Vulcan, Spock.  To all of you who followed the TV series and watched all the movies, doesn’t it amaze you just how life like they made the aliens look?  The makeup was so well made … Continue reading

Little Known Secrets about Discontinued Eyeshadow Makeup for Mac

Every now and then, makeup brands discontinue some of their makeup line for several reasons.  Even the most trusted brands such as Mac Cosmetics undergo this change.  A lot of people think that when a certain makeup line is discontinued, that means that there is something wrong with the formulation so it has to be … Continue reading

The Secret of Mac Makeup and Stores

I am a Mac Makeup addict and there is no denying it.  I find it utterly irresistible when I see their stores in malls.  I just have to go inside and once I am inside and take a look at their products, I just have to buy.  I am not a professional makeup artist but … Continue reading

The Secret of Bringing Out the Model in You: Models Prefer Cosmetics

Every girl wants to look her absolute best at all times.  Who wouldn’t want to look like a model and be considered the most astonishingly beautiful woman in town, right?  I know I do.  Why do you think women flip through magazines a lot and insist on finding time to check out the fashion channel?  … Continue reading

Best Way to Remove Jane Iredale Mascara

Today, more and more people are opting to go natural and that is reflected not just on what they eat but even on things that they use on their body such as soaps and yes, even makeup.  No wonder mineral makeup is getting more popular every day.  True enough, mineral makeup tones the skin and … Continue reading