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The Connection Between Handbags And Zodiac Signs

When you select handbags you must keep in mind that different sun signs have different personalities and all of this gets reflected in the colors that you choose. The sun signs are divided into four sections called the earth, water, air and fire and this is how they can be color coordinated.

Aries being a fire sign the color red represents this star sign. They are also the infants of the zodiac and the best one of a kind handbag can be worn by this sign. Taurus is a stable sign and therefore yellow is the color for them. Lemony shades and beige handbags are very soothing for this sign.

Gemini is the king of communication and all shades of green help them stay calm and focused. On the other hand, Cancer and rose pink will keeps them open to change. Try out the ones at Prada replica handbags.

Leos and royal blue handbags make a wonderful combination. This allows them to be able to rule with a firm hand. There are some beautiful ones at Prada replica handbags. For Virgo it has to be yellow and orange to ensure ease of decision making.

Librans love to have electric blue as it will help you balance things out. Scorpios love indigo allows them to maintain more focus and clarity of thought. Sagittarius will benefit from all shades of brown. Capricorns and olive green to stay in the flow of the situation. This color will also help you to be firm and in control of the situation.

Aquarians should opt for silver. This will help them see matters from a different perspective. Pisces should certainly opt for white. It will provide great clarity of thought and action.

With the right choice of handbag according to the star signs makes it a great enjoyable shopping endeavor.

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