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See How You Can Finally Control Pseudofolliculitis Barbae

I see a lot of people (mostly African American men) who have serious Pseudofolliculitis and are emotionally and physically scarred. Thank goodness I am a woman and I only need to worry about this issue, during the summer months.

African Americans are the ones who are mostly effected with Pseudofolliculitis, but anyone with curly hair can have an issue with it.

Razor bumps happen when curly hair begins to grow back in, but unfortunately the hair does not grow straight up and out of the follicle. It begins to grow backward, back into your skin. The hair becomes trapped in the follicle along with bacteria and sebum oil, causing swelling and irritation.

There are a couple of simple tips, I would like to share with you to help control and perhaps prevent Pseudofolliculitis.

Most importantly, you need to stop using those double and triple blade razors!

People with curly hair are NOT suppose to use these razors. These double and triple blades are made for a SUPER close shave. These razors are so effective, because they lift the hair up and out of the follicle, this is below your skin’s surface. OUCH!

Pseudofolliculitis has a greater chance of developing when you shave this close. Your hair has an increased chance of growing back in at a curve.

So, what are you to do? You should try using an electric razor. Sure, your shave may not be as close, and you may have some stubble, but you have less chances of your hair growing back in at a curve.

OK, so for those of us who insist on using a razor blade for shaving at least use this next tip.

Use ONLY a single blade!

Use only a single blade, and I like the kind that come with a moisture strip attached. You also want to make sure you only do a single stroke motion. Pass only once, not several times. By doing this it’s less of a close shave and that automatically lowers your chances of razor bumps.

Loretta is a past severe acne sufferer who has found many ways, (some holistic) to fight and control acne. You’ll want to stop by her Pseudofolliculitis Barbae Page to learn of powerful, proven and effective ways to live acne free. Don’t forget to stop by one of her free and friendly Acne Forums. The idea here is to help and be helped. Soon you will be on your way to clear acne free skin!