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Plus size fashion tips….. What’s Hot What’s Not

Plus size fashion tips

What’s hot in plus size fashion

Discover what is hot and the newest plus-size fashion trends. You will learn about the optimal styles for your body from the best plus-size sources around. View the newest collections and season must-haves. Flatter your shape, and look great!

This summer 2009 trend is easy for anyone above size 12/14. Choose embellishment in a sparkly style that highlights your best assets– perhaps around the bust or hemline?

Look for a piece with feminine elements such as rosettes and ruffles and choose the color grey, pink and bright blue.

Big, chunky necklaces in metals and plastics showed up with open-necked shirts. Look for ones with average-sized loops to flatter your body type. You can grab one in metal to lie a little flatter against your body.

Summer Fashion for Plus Size

Check out some wonderful tops in this video. Florals are quite nice this season.

Plus size fashion tips and tricks. here is a good video on how to wear a dress. If you are size 16-18-20 you can actually fit into a large depending on the material and the cut. The first thing is accessories and shoes.

Empire cuts have the most benefits for your body type. Watch this video to find out what an Empire Cut is.

Bohemian chick will be in fashion for years to come so start filling your closet with this because it will be hot for years to come.

The 6th mini episode of a series I am doing on fashion forward tips and tricks for fashonista plus size women! This video is in response to a few questions viewers had. This one is oriented around make up and skin how-to’s, tips, and tricks.

One neat trick is to use preparation H to stop itching. (no! not for hemroids) put it on fat areas on your double chin. It only lasts for 24 hours but it sucks out the water weight out of it.

QVC girls get on the big girls!! Hilarious ending!!