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Pisces Beauty Profile

Pisces beauty profile

Pisces is called the Poet of the Zodiac signs because of its day dreamy, impressionistic and allusive view of the world. Here is your Pisces beauty profile for 2009 and 2010.

What are the beauty characteristics of Pisces

As a Pisces, you love daydreaming and staring off into space, thinking of romance and being happy. It’s not necessarily all sunshine and butterflies, though, Pisces. Even though you probably could not resist those cute little butterfly hair clips, there is much more to this moony and Mutable Water Sign than daydreams.
Just because you’re so adjustable like putty and chameleon-like, so fluid and wistful, according to you Pisces beauty profile it does NOT mean you’re wishy-washy — leave that to Libra! You can go either way and hang lose but you are definitely not bland or dull. Within each Pisces, there lies a strong-willed optimism, a little gut feeling and a fertile vivid imagination that allows you to appreciate the mysteries of life.

Pisces physical appearance and beauty profile

When it comes to physical Pisces beauty profile, you are very individualistic and a little different in a quirky way, a daredevil that goes off the beaten track motivated by subconscious visions and delicate desire like a fire in the belly.

Generally, Piscean women are seen to be not very tall and plumpy and have beautiful big eyes that stick out but don’t buldge too much. Your have eyes that stand out just nicely. Your hands and your feet love being pampered the most and are either perfectly stunning or a little out of proportion as well as a little big and bulky but still look uniquely odd and gorgeous. Your nice shoulders are muscular and spherical, perfect for boob tubes and halter neck tops.

You don’t seem to be one that follows the latest trend; you stand out on your own in defense of your independent free spirit. You really do not like to conform to society, weather it comes to fashion or decorating your home, but despite your rebellion and your little revolt against fashion, people can’t help but be attracted to you because you are beautiful!

When you feel like going all out and pampering your good self, pedicures should definitely be first on your list. Taking care of your little feet and toes are something you should indulge in because it feels the best when starting from bottom to top. Since you are a little romantic you should stick to lily scents. Your beauty comes from your open heart, your belief in the goodness of others, your sympathetic nature and the way you always end up saying how you feel.

Pisces mental attitude profile

You are philosophical, restless and honest. You can go beyond your means to help people in need. Sometimes you are a bundle of nerves and keep moving around until your problem is solved. You are a little impatient or fidgety under pressure. Having said that, you are not troubled or flustered easily, you can help even your competition calm down by your gentle behavior .Your nature is to forgive and forget.

Pisces Beauty Profile