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Personal Trainers Find Satisfaction At Work

The field of personal training is expanding at about the same rate as American waistlines. Obesity is a serious and growing problem among average Americans. As medical research links more health risks, like heart disease, hypertension and stroke to even moderate obesity, more Americans are trying to improve their health by getting fit. Some companies have even opened employee fitness centers in an effort to improve their employees’ health and reduce the cost of health insurance.

As a certified personal trainer, you will have many opportunities for jobs in your field. You can chose to work as an entrepreneur, or you can can chose to work for a spa, gym or corporate fitness center. Trainers work not only to improve the client’s level of fitness, but to improve their diet and health habits.

Personal trainers require some knowledge of medical conditions because they may need to work with clients whose diet or physical activity is restricted by a chronic health issue.

In designing fitness plans, the trainer has to be aware of limitations that such health conditions can place on their client’s plan. It may be necessary to speak with the client’s physician before designing their plan.

Nutrition is an important part of overall fitness and the personal trainer has to know about basic nutrition. Part of a fitness trainer’s job is to work with his clients to improve their diet. Motivating clients to eat healthy foods and cut high fat foods and refined sugars from their diets is important. Since there is more to fitness than exercise, the trainer has to cover other issues.

Setting up proper exercise programs is central to the job of personal fitness training. The trainer must consider the individual clients fitness level, general health and age and set up a program that meets all the client’s needs. The trainer must be well versed in both aerobic and strength training exercise and equipment, since a balanced approach to exercise contains elements of both.

Training to become a certified personal trainer can be done in a number of ways. You can chose a college program at either the associates or bachelors level (2 or 4 year), or you can enter a training program to earn the necessary credits to become certified. This is a rewarding career choice both from the standpoint of salary and from the satisfaction of helping people improve their health and their lives. You can chose to be a private trainer or work in the fitness industry.

If this sounds like the job you’re looking for , you should look in the training programs available and decide the best method to obtain your certification. For those planning on operating as a private business, you should also look into basic business courses to give you the skills you will need to insure your success.

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