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Genitalia Plastic Surgery

There is a recently released article from the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology about female genitalia surgery and the many women who are undergoing the procedure in hopes of obtaining the “perfect” private part. The cosmetic surgery concept does sound crude and ridiculous, but the truth is, that procedure has gained increasing popularity over the years despite the dangers involved with it.

The women who are thinking about getting a genitalia cosmetic surgery, as experts say, simply need counselling and support. The researchers from the University College of London say that they are not able to find any significant documentation on the long term effects or side effects that result from this specific cosmetic surgery procedure. There are some doctors who say that these types of cosmetic surgery may damage sensitive female nerves, impairing sexual activity and it may even cause bleeding and tearing of the genitalia during pregnancy.

As there are doctors who are against this cosmetic surgery, there are also surgeons defending this type of cosmetic surgery procedure. The say that the procedure is relatively simple, unlike female circumcision which is complicated and totally detrimental for women.

There are really instances when a genitalia cosmetic surgery may really be appropriate for the prevention or the dealing with medical problems such as hypertrophy. But surgeons admit that majority of the cases of genitalia cosmetic surgery are merely for cosmetic purposes.

When the issues are merely for cosmetic surgery reasons, then other options should be considered thoroughly. The reason why these women may seek a genitalia cosmetic surgery may be key to uncovering an underlying psychological problem, emotional need or mental chaos. These women may not know what to do to make themselves feel better or to remedy the pain that is gnawing at them at that very moment, thus they resort to the severest form of cosmetic surgery there is to date. Dissemination of truthful information about the risks associated the surgery must be made.

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