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Become More Productive Through Document Management And Organization

There are various reasons why managing your time can be a challenge at times. One reason is organization of your work space. If you have paperwork every where and it is in unorganized piles, not only does this clutter your work area, but it takes up your time when you cannot readily access necessary paperwork in a timely fashion. Many of your problems can be resolved if you create a document management or file system. You will be able to easily refer to documents and retrieve them without spending too much time trying to locate them. In addition, a file system eliminates most of the paper clutter.

There are different methods that can be utilized to overcome these issues with organization. The two most commonly utilized methods for document management are the reminder system and the record keeping system.

Reasons for using a reminder system are simply to help notify you of the open items that need action. You may use different types of reminder systems, such as the tickler file system, calendar system or logbook system. Evaluate each system and determine which one works best for your organizing needs.

When using the calendar system, you are using your daily planner to record your reminders. Since you refer to the planner every day, you can jot down your reminders the open items requiring action, any appointments, project deadlines or schedule recurring activities. Using the calendar system helps centralize your action items as well as organize them on a daily basis.

You may find that using a logbook helps consolidate all your action items into one log. Keep your logbook accessible at all times so that you can refer back to previously completed tasks or immediately write down new tasks as they arise. Be sure to date each task as you add them and also check off and write the date that you complete them in the event you need to refer back to a task.

Use a tickler file as a reminder system by filing work documents by specified dates and retrieving them on the appropriate date. This can be used in conjunction with the calendar system. As you file the paperwork in the tickler file, make a note of it on your calendar to block off time for when you need to access the files. The tickler file helps keep your documents organized and you more productive.

When using the record keeping system, you will want to use a planner to record data that you may need for future reference. Examples of information you may want to keep a record of are tasks, telephone calls, meetings you have attended or projects you are working on. When your paperwork or work documents need to be maintained as permanent records, use a file cabinet to store these records. Create a file system such that the records are orderly and easy to find. They can be separated by subject categories and placed in numerical or alphabetical order. Since you are more likely to access the more recent documents, it is a good idea to file them in date order with the most recent date in the front of the file.

When you use structure in your office area and work documents, it eliminates most of the paperwork clutter. In addition, you can access your information easier and efficiently manage your time. This in turn, makes you a more efficient and productive employee.

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