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Your Guide to Cellulite on Front of Thighs

Is there something unique about cellulite on front of thighs as opposed to different areas of the body? Some people feel there is a difference in the areas you get cellulite, while others say there is not.

Do you have cellulite on front of thighs and are wondering what you can do to solve this problem? Youre not alone ” many women start to notice cellulite on their legs when they are teenagers or in their early twenties. Some women start to notice it later in life especially after a major hormone change such as pregnancy or menopause.

Many women first start to notice cellulite on the backs of their thighs. This is a common area for cellulite as most of the area is made of fat cells, not muscle. This area extends up into the lower part of the buttocks and the hips. Some women also notice cellulite on front of thighs too. This front of the thigh cellulite can be less common as back of the thigh cellulite.

The fronts of the thighs generally have less fat than the back of the thigh. This is due to the fact that the thigh muscles curve towards the front of the body. This curve helps us perform our daily movements and gives us the ability to play sports and other activities.

Many women will often notice a significant portion of the body fat is located in the thigh area. It always seems like this is one of the first places we gain weight and one of the last places we lose weight from. Excess weight in the body can cause the fat cells in the front thigh region to expand. When these fat cells are enlarged, the chance of seeing cellulite in this region is more likely.

When extra fat in the thigh area is combined with a lack of toned thigh muscles, cellulite will be more visible to the naked eye. Toned muscles give the fat cells a smooth surface to rest upon. Because of this, many women will notice a lessening of cellulite on front of thighs when they start to lose excess body fat as well as starting a regular exercise routine.

But what about women who exercise a great deal more than average and still have cellulite on the front of their thighs? Scientist feel that cellulite is not just the display of fibrous tissue which connects the muscles to the skin. They also feel that fluids and toxins trapped beneath the skin can become hard. This leads to the fat cells becoming squeezed together and the appearance of cellulite.

Women who exercise just about every day may have fluid retention beneath the skin as well as reduced circulation. When coupled with the fact that their muscles are consistently being broken down and rebuilt (a result of exercise), this can put extra pressure on the skin cells. This eventually leads to cellulite. Men can also experience this phenomenon.

Whats the best way to get rid of cellulite on front of thighs? For starters, if you are overweight, it is in your best interest to lose the extra weight. This can be done by following a modified diet and getting regular exercise. Exercises that help tone the thigh muscles can be helpful as well.

If you feel the cellulite on the front of you thighs is caused by too much physical activity, you may want to reevaluate your exercise routine. Too much of a good thing is simply too much sometimes.

Scientist and doctors recommend getting in a healthy workout several times a week. Any more than this can lead to injuries. It can also not give your body enough time to recover. Some feel that only a small amount of high intensity exercise is needed in order to keep in the best shape possible. Less really can be more!

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