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Your Child and Acne

Your parenting responsibilities can be complicated when your child develops acne. After all, many adults never had to deal with the disorder as a child. It was more of a rarity back then. Many teenagers require support and guidance while going through a bout of acne. With their physical appearance impacted by the disorder, they are susceptible to teasing and school, which can motivate isolation and future problems. There is somewhat of an inbred tendency in parents to brush acne off as a phase in life that everyone goes through. This type of attitude will only worsen the ordeal for your child. We have some suggestions that will ensure your child’s successful triumph over pimples.

Acne needs to be treated rapidly and on a continual basis before it gives way. If you children ask for an acne cream, let them get it. The condition does not always go away on its own, and a single pimple can progress to five quite quickly. Poking fun at the situation is neither advisable. Telling your child to squeeze at their pimples for instance, is not comical and will lead to acne scarring. You should instead go with your child to a specialty skin store and help them browse products. Call an employee over for help or do some research prior to arriving at the establishment. You are much more capable of weeding out the good products from the bad than your child. Oftentimes, product manufacturers will stamp misleading graphs and statistics on the packaging that appear reasonable to kids. The funny part is that all over the counter products are basically a carbon copy of one another. They contain the same ingredients and thus will have pretty much the same overall effect. Benzoyl peroxide is inexpensive and the best choice. The lowest concentration you can find the better.

Once your child has started treatment, you need to monitor their progress so you can help them plan the next step accordingly. Try to encourage them when you see improvement. Otherwise, try to take a mental note if progress is going south. Be sure your son or daughter is using the product as instructed and not skipping applications. Remember, in the initial stages of treatment, the skin should undergo a purging cycle when a swarm of pimples will appear. Stay confident that this will clear up and make sure your child proceeds with the product.

As you give the medication sufficient time to take effect, keep an open line of communication with your son or daughter to see if they are being teased at school or somehow suffering. If this is indeed the case, share some tips to help them overcome teasing. Assessing their emotional well-being is crucial as it will allow for a more informed decision as to what the next step in treatment is.

After you have given the medication at least two to three months, do a follow up assessment. Have the breakouts disappeared, or are they continuing? Is your child still in a semi-depressive state because of the lesions? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to contact a dermatologist, who can prescribe your child powerful medications that will eventually clear their skin. If the treatment has succeeded, congratulations! Regardless, if you continue providing the support your child requires, you will together accomplish the intended goal. Stay committed!

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