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Yellow Diamond – The Rarest Diamond Color In The World

The yellow diamond is one of the most rare stones in the world. White diamonds, while beautiful and in a class of their own, do not have the rarity of the completely unique look that those that are yellow do. A little over a forth of the world’s largest diamonds are yellow, and not even half of those are naturally the color.

Why is it that most people are under the impression a yellow diamond is not valuable? It might be because the color yellow is not one that is very noticed. Not many people say that their favorite color is yellow, for whatever reason. That being said, yellow is really quite a nice color and is very vibrant. The same can be said of yellow diamond. Diamonds that are colored yellow are far more eye-catching than those that are white.

The fact of matter is, that is a yellow are so rare that many of the ones that you may see in stores are actually fake. These diamonds are treated to be yellow in color. While some this may seem like some form of cheating, the reality is that it is actually incredibly difficult to get a hold of diamonds are naturally yellow. Naturally yellow ones are sometimes called fancy yellow, because they do not need to be treated and hence are considered to be more elegant.

There is not just one shade of yellow. You can find a yellow diamond in just about any shade. You can find them in vibrant, bright yellow. You can find them in orange is yellow. And you can even find them in a very light, subdued yellow.

It is not uncommon for those that are naturally colored to be at least three to five times more expensive than those that are treated. This is worth knowing if you are on the market for yellow or any other color of diamond, as specifically targeting fancy ones will cost several times more than artificially colored.

While many people seem to overlook them entirely, there are those who know the true value of a diamond that is naturally yellow. And I’m is a yellow are not Topaz, they two completely different materials. A true yellow diamond is in fact a real diamond, and hence it is as strong as any other diamond. Don’t be fooled by their color, these are 100% pure diamonds. They just happen to be a different color.

Nothing is more rare or unique in jewelry than the real yellow diamond. Every color of diamond has its own look, but those that are yellow are almost truly one of a kind.