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Women Don’t Always Have To Put On Make Up All The Time. Our Own Looks Are Unique

Don’t put on make up all the time. Of course there are times when it’s necessary to wear it, but really, how often is that? It’s been done for all of history so there must be a need for it in our psyches, but eventually there comes a point where it’s too much, where people stop thinking. Advertising has created an image of beauty that is unnatural and demeaning. Makeup is not wrong, but it is used wrong.

Humans have been changing their appearances for all of recorded history. Also, native tribespeople from New Guinea to the Amazon have various patterns of face paint with different social meanings. There is obviously a need in our social instincts as animals to use patterns and colors to change our appearances and create different meanings. These things all contribute to the ways humans alter their bodies and appearances for different meanings.

In modern times, the use of makeup, mostly by women, is just another example of this phenomenon to use patterns and colors to change the way we look and the way other people view us. It is an art form, and with good reason. The face of a woman can be thought of as a blank canvas, or at least a canvas that has had the outlines already filled in. It is the same as creating a composition, to emphasize and hide certain features.

This is just as much legitimate art as oil painting, sculpture, photography, and architecture. A woman with enough talent can use subtly different colors and shades to completely change her face, so that with one glance, people will notice a difference, but they will not be able to pinpoint exactly what it was she had done. Emotions and even ideas can be brought out with this talent.

But our society, once again, has allowed something to run away with our perceptions of beauty. In other times, such as Victorian England, makeup was simply used on the stage, and because of the fact that theatre has not always been viewed in the cultured light it is today, that was associated with low class and prostitution. In Nazi Germany, as well, makeup was considered lowly, although it’s understandable how that might make people want to wear it more.

Makeup can create an image of perfect beauty, and people are too obsessed with that. It allows them to undervalue their own features that are unique. We have random features, our own characters that are unique. Freckles for instance, are very unfairly maligned in our culture, and makeup advertising is largely to blame. If a woman is covered with freckles from head to toe, except her face, then she is fighting something that is part of her natural beauty.

Why not use makeup to subtly bring out her freckles, or hide certain ones and emphasize others? There’s no reason to think they’re ugly just because they create more randomness to her face. Many people, men and women, find such features attractive, and consider it a disappointment when they’re masked out by foundation, just because none of the Revlon ads show women with anything like that.

You don’t need to put on make up all the time. It’s been around forever, and with good reason, but there’s no need to assume your natural features are ugly and unattractive.

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