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Women And Hair Loss It Hurts

Women with hair loss, it’s something that more women will go through than you think. Something that will leave them feeling less a woman at times even. It’s a hard thing to deal with, but there may be help in fixing the problem.

Many cases may find women with hair loss that don’t even know why they are having the problem. In order to get proper treatment for that hair loss you will need to find what underlying cause is behind it. So to help you out here are a few causes of hair loss in women.

Perhaps you’ve been through a recent childbirth; many women will experience what is known as telogen effluvium. It’s a temporary hair loss condition, one that can be brought on by other things too. Like surgery, or crash diets, and even a traumatic event in your life.

Another problem that may cause women to suffer from hair loss is called alopecia areata. That will be noticed when you are losing hair in clumps around your head. Vitamin deficiencies can even cause women to suffer the loss of hair.

Anemia can even contribute to the loss of hair, or certain diseases have been known to cause women to lose their hair. Fungal infections may even be something that can bring about hair loss, this will happen in women, men, and even children.

Fungal infections have been shown to even cause the loss of hair. While another disease that can bring on hair loss is that of polycystic ovary syndrome. Many times it may be the only way that a woman will find out that she is suffering from PCOS.

There are prescriptions that you take to thin the blood, and for depression that can even cause the loss of hair. If this may be your case, simply asking to see if you can change to another type of medicine may solve your problem.

Treatments of some diseases can obviously lead to hair loss, but when that happens people will normally be a bit more prepared. But that won’t help with women with hair loss; they will still feel a stigma to the problem.

Just make sure that when you head to the doctor you get to the real problem. What is causing the hair loss in your body, don’t just treat it without knowing.

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