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Will Obama’s Health Reform Effect Long-Term Care Insurance

The subject that has been on everyone’s minds is how will Obama’s Health reform effect long term care insurance? We all know that there’s a change that is going to be taking place . But will this change help or hurt our country? Some people are coincidentally ecstatic about the reform while others are hoping for the best but thinking about the worst.

Many are wondering if this health care reform is a bad thing as opposed to being a good. We all have come to the realization that everything is going to be different. However, is this difference going to be a good or a bad thing for us to all have to face?

One gigantic way that Obama’s health care reform is likely to have an effect on everybody’s lives is that everybody will be able to be covered. It doesn’t matter what your stature or what’s happened in your life you’ll be ready to have the medical care that you stand wanting.

For some 46 million American citizens who don’t have medical care they’re applauding the reform. It pretty much states that despite your economic stature you’ll be covered with the necessary medical insurance that you need.

Tax payers are going to feel a big hit to their finances. We will all be needed to repay one to two trillion bucks over a ten year time frame in order to rectify the cost of the reform. Even if you don’t utilize this Fed insurance you may be in charge of paying taxes on it also.

With no regard for where you grow ill at you’ll be ready to receive medical aid you need. So if you feel sick in Texas and you are from Arizona you will still be ready to go to a Texas doctors office and be seen. Your records will be available at the push of a button.

Medical folks are going to be given the legal right to oppose to give you any medical aid. For example, if a cancer patient requires services for medication, the doctor will have to compare the prices of the meds and they are going to have the right to turn the patient away if the medication is deemed too expensive.

Alot of aged patients are going to get turned down for services. Elderly patients are only going to be permitted to see their doctor once per month if on this insurance. Medicare has already paid a lot for reoccurring medical patients and this new insurance isn’t going to tolerate it.

If you don’t have the health care insurance you’ll be fined and the subject of prison time. By law everybody will need to have this insurance in any case of your commercial stature.

This reform was supposed to be a great thing for the Yankee folk in total, however as time passes on many are convinced that it is just just one big mistake. The decision does not lie in our hands anymore, thus we will all just hope that everything is going to pan out for the best.

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