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Why The Best Self Tan Is Better Than The Real Thing

If you like the sun-kissed look but worry about the health implications of exposing your skin to the sun, then the answer could lie in ‘faking it’. The best self tan looks as good as the real thing but doesn’t damage your skin, cause premature ageing or lead to further health complications.

As we move towards a more health conscious age, fake tanning is gaining in popularity. Sunbathing for any length of time, even with liberal applications of high factor sun cream, can do great harm to the skin and more and more consumers are looking for a safer and more consistent solution to their tanning requirements.

That said, sporting the ‘burnt satsuma’ look is not favourable. We have all come across the bright orange self-tanners or noticed that ‘tanning stopped here!’ line on a neck or face. There’s a fine distinction between achieving a glowing complexion and getting serious orange overkill – a line which all sunless tanners need to watch they do not cross.

Products such as Fake Bake, the UK’s leading salon professional self tan, give an instant sun-kissed colour which develops into a long lasting tan without leaving nasty streaks or patches of discolouration. It combines naturally derived tanning agents DHA and Erythulose to guarantee long lasting and natural looking results.

You simply spray the product onto your skin, allow it to dry and apply a second coat. Within 6 – 8 hours your tan will have developed. You can also get lotions, moisturisers and oils in the same range, to prolong the effects of the product and improve the overall appearance and condition of your skin.

There is something to suit everyone’s requirements and all skin types – with products for fair skin ranging up to dark, extreme products for the more experienced tanner.

Fake Bake and other fake tanning products are increasingly being chosen by celebrities and beauty experts alike. So if you aspire to the flawless tanned look of celebrities Cheryl Cole or Jennifer Aniston, this is one of the best self tan ranges available.

Learn more about the best self tan. Stop by this site where you can find out all about fake tanning and what it can do for you.