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Why Should You Remove the Band When Smoking a Cigar?

One of the most relaxing and satisfying feelings is when you finally find a few moments in the day that are all your own, when you can unwind with a nice cigar. However, cigar smoking is not as easy as just grabbing a stogie and lighting it up.

You will find that there are certain traditions and even rules of etiquette that you will want to follow when smoking. Everything from choosing the type of cigar to choosing the right pipe lighters, and even whether or not to remove the band, are very important decisions that you will need to make.

Should they remove the band that is on the cigar or should they leave it on? While this might seem like a trivial question, you might be surprised at just how important it is. When it comes to cigar etiquette, you will find that there are certain things you should do and certain things that are considered rude. If you are only smoking your cigar at home, and you don’t have a lot of friends over, then you can feel free to leave the label on the cigar. However, when you are smoking around others who know a thing or two about cigars, you should take the band off.

The label of the cigar can tell the knowledgeable cigar smoker everything about the cigar, as well as a little bit about you. The label will show the brand that you are smoking and this in turn can tell others the cost of the cigar. Those individuals that are unable to pay as much for a cigar may feel a twinge of jealousy that you certainly did not intend. You could inadvertently cause people to form an opinion of you without them even knowing you.

Since most people don’t like to brag and consider it unbecoming, you can simply remove the band. The best way to remove the band easily is by lighting the cigar and smoking it for a moment. As the heat course through the cigar, it will loosen the label and make it easy to remove. You can discretely remove the label and discard it without inadvertently offending anyone. Etiquette is very important in the world of cigar smokers, and if you want to do things right you should take the time to learn the various traditions.

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