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Why Loofah Sponges – For Healthy And Soft Skin

Loofah Sponges are generally used as body scrubbers. Loofah Sponges are used to exfoliate skin and stimulate circulation.

Loofah sponges are 100 percent natural products deriving from the “luffa” plant which is part of the cucumber family. Loofah’s are seed pods that develop from pollinated flowers growing and developing into green fruits with a cylindrical shape. These fruits steadily turn into the fibrous seed pods, we have come to know as love as loofah’s. The matured fruit is the actual plant part which turn into a hard cellulose fibre masse that are used as exquisite body scrubbers and back sponges.

Loofah Sponge’s super versatile applications

Generally, Loofah Sponges have other applications other than as an exfoliating skin product. They can be cut into various dimensions and can be used as hot pads, bath mats, sandals, hats, dust pads etc. They are also used for washing items like large pots, containers, cars, non-stick cookware where these items cannot withstand hard scrubbing.

Essential for skin exfoliation.

Loofah Sponges are used mainly for skin exfoliation, no doubt about that. This can be attributed to the incredible ease with which dead skin cell are removed from the skin’s surface, resulting an absolute squeaky clean skin, chop-chop.

Loofah’s are extremely durable and long lasting, if correct care is taken, this includes drying between uses. Constant moisture will result in a loss of gentle exfoliation value.

Normally commercial sponges are light in color and natural sponges have colors from brown to white. The sponges lose color when treated with chlorine bleach solution for an hour. But too much of bleaching will result in weakening the fibers. Moreover, prolonged exposure to sun makes loofah more rough.

Loofah Sponges are known around the globe, with millions of satisfied users worldwide. EuroScrub loofah are just better because: EuroScrub is more sanitary when compared to natural loofah due to its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent content within the material.

EuroScrub has larger pores that do not clog with dead skin and toxins like natural loofah. Pop your EuroScrub scrubbers in the washing machine periodically and you will have scrubbers that far outlast natural loofah.

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