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Why Laser Treatment Is The Quickest Way To Whiten Your Teeth

For those who want to get their teeth whitened there are a few treatments on the market today. One of the more popular methods is a home teeth whitening kit. With these kits, an impression is taken of the teeth in order to make a custom made tray which fits over the patients teeth. The patient uses the kit at home, applying a special peroxide gel to the tray and wearing this overnight over a two week period.

These home teeth whitening kits work tend to work extremely well. However some people who want to have their teeth whitened are in more of a hurry. For these people laser whitening treatment is the way forward.

With this treatment, in order to remove surface staining and tartar the dentist will scrub the surface of the teeth. A photo is then taken of the teeth in order to provide a record of the colour of the teeth before the treatment. Alternatively the colour is measured by a special tooth colour chart.

A peroxide gel is then applied to the teeth. The gums are covered so they don’t come into contact with the gel as it may irritate them. The cheeks and lips are then retracted back and the eyes are covered to prevent laser damage or splashing from the peroxide. The laser is then pointed at the teeth for about an hour. The laser acts as a catalyst and allows the gel to do its work faster.

Now the dentist is ready to wash off the peroxide and to take a picture of the teeth again. There will usually be a fairly dramatic improvement. The dentist may suggest using a home whitening kit to help whiten further but this is not always required. Some patients may feel a little sensitivity after the treatment but this should die down quickly, and some dentists will offer a soothing tooth paste to help ease this.

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