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Why Its Great When Your Boyfriend is Out of Town

One of the turning points in any new relationship comes when you realize that you’re part of a couple. A couple with habits and routines of their own. You’ve successfully (I hope!) merged your single self into couple mode.

When your sweetie goes out of town for a few days, there’s a break in your routine. You have become used to having him around and suddenly, no one! It can be a bit unsettling because, well, you’re in love! This doesn’t make you dependent, it just means you’re a bit out of sorts.

Believe it or not, this really is situation of the glass being half full rather than half empty. There are at least three things I can think of that will make your alone time fly by.

Being “ugly”

You can allow yourself to let go a little bit. Not completely of course; there is never a reason to not take good care of yourself. But you can forego shaving your legs, and you can luxuriate in hanging around the house in your really comfy, but oh so ugly, sweatpants.

It can be such a refreshing break to have a bit of time when you dont have to worry about looking your hottest. And the relaxation factor associated with that will leave you looking even more ravishing when your honey returns.

Time for yourself

Time has flown since you met and you’ve spent most of it together, either at your place or his. Which means that your plants haven’t been watered, the dust bunnies are having a party under the bed, you’re laundry is multiplying on its own and the bills haven’t been paid. Being under the spell of a lover’s haze is wonderfully cozy, but now is the perfect time to catch up on all the other stuff you’ve left undone.

Pretend youre in a long distance relationship

With one of you out of town, your normal romance tactics just aren’t going to work. It’s time to change this up a bit. Ever wondered how long distance relationships work? Now’s your chance to find out.

Your sweetie will be thinking of nothing but you if you initiate a naughty phone call just before he goes to bed. If crooning sexy come ons over the phone isn’t your thing, send a few sexy photos of yourself (nothing x-rated!) to his email address. For a touch of old fashioned romance, send a letter to his hotel.

Catch up with friends

This shouldn’t really deserve a mention because it’s a no brainer. Seriously though, you know how you felt when your best friend became involved with someone. You saw far less of her than you liked and you missed her company. Well, your friends feel the same way about you. This is the perfect time for uninterrupted catch up.

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