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Why Do People Buy Replica Oakleys?

Most sunglasses manufacturers set the prices very high. This includes Oakley. High prices on such small items will create a demand for cheaper, replica models. The best replica Oakleys are similar to the originals and are made of similar materials. However, since they are replicas many times the quality lacks as compared to the original version. Since fake Oakleys are affordable they come with a few things to consider:

-substandard quality -different frame designs

The main concern of companies who make and sell replicas is to make a profit and sell look alike glasses. By no means at all are they putting a guarantee on the box that says they will last as long as the original pair.

Replica Oakley dealers will save a large amount of money on research and this will lower the cost of the replica items. What the manufacturer will do is go down to the Oakley store and buy a few pairs of the original shades. Then they will take that pair to the factory where it will be cloned, and cloned again. This will produce a very visually appealing, price conscious sunglass. You can then purchase the sunglasses on the internet, at the beach or on street corners. Customers must be aware that you get what you pay for and the fact that they look like the original does not mean they will hold themselves to the quality as the original.

Most buyers of “Joakleys” are students or people who lose their glasses frequently and simply cant justify the high price tag. They want to keep the costs low yet maintain the fashionable image that the Oakley style can provide.

The cheap replicas may momentarily increase the sales of Oakley brands, but they often cut into the businesses of originals. In fact, the sale of cheap sunglasses is ‘damaging’ to the manufacturers of the original brand. More so because most of the buyers cannot distinguish the fake from the original. At times, the big brands may curtail the entries of new products in the market, and the replica manufacturers are left with no new designs to replicate.

It is necessary to mention that the buyers of replica sunglasses and the people who buy the original ones are from entirely different classes of the society, and there is very less possibility for one of them to ‘cut into’ the business of the other.

No doubt cheeps lend a temporary jubilation of purchase because of the cheap price, but the protection to the eyes from UV rays is also too less.

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